Rocky arrives in the USA as a reject from Holland and is sold by the importer to a police department as a potential police working dog. A quick plane trip unites him with his handler and they begin their unusual journey together. With a slowly developing bond, they attend their police K9 academy where Rocky shines as a gifted and talented student with extreme intelligence and steadfast intensity.

After graduation, Rocky quickly adapts to the street where he finds, and sometimes fights, hidden suspects. Rocky burrows into bushes, splashes in canals, dives under equipment and intently searches the midnight shadows for lurking offenders and is shot in the line of duty.

Despite shattered bone in his lower leg, Rocky still pursues and brings down the gunman. During recovery, the community responds from coast to coast and he receives awards from multiple agencies. But, his very own police department, who did not issue him a badge, refuses to recognize him. And, state laws prohibit Rocky from being classified as a member of law enforcement.

Regardless, Rocky heals and returns to work as if nothing had happened and continues his legacy. He even competes in a statewide police K9 competition and is crowned champion.

Rocky is all business and makes a difference. He loves his handler and loves his job and extends maximum efforts for six tough years on the street.

So get ready! Lace up your boots and hold on tight to his leash as K9 Rocky: A Cop Without A Badge takes you along the life of a wildly talented, intensely driven, police canine.

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