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Until completing Rocky’s book, I had never given much thought to the simple, three syllable word. Now, the word has a much deeper meaning as I struggle on how to reach interested readers. With my marketing effort, I have more respect and understanding how college degrees are totally dedicated to the profession. But, I still find Google and Facebook rather creepy when they capitalize on their marketing data and eerily read my mind.

Due to my marketing shortcomings, I dedicated some of the book’s budget to enter book competitions. My hope was if it won anything, another marketing tool would be available to help showcase his life. Years ago, the crude manuscript won a competition from the Public Safety Writers Association. That recognition fueled energy levels to work on Rocky’s story until I was satisfied with the product.

I never heard back from many book competitions while others thanked me for donating money to their cause. The Benjamin Franklin Book Awards kindly sent the judges’ scorecards that were complimentary, but Rocky’s story missed receiving official praise.

Recently, the 2017 American Book Fest announced their “Best Book Awards” and Rocky’s story is a Finalist in the Animal/Pets: Narrative Non-fiction category. Being a Finalist is not as glamorous as being the “Winner”, but entries came from all sections of the publishing industry which included the big boys of mainstream publishing, independent publishers and self-published indie authors. So, I will claim being a Finalist as a victory.

To make it official, a certificate accompanies the award. Plus, slapping shiny golden stickers detailing the award on the front cover are meant to be eye-catchers.  Maybe a combination of both will help sell a book or two…

Rocky, I’m sorry my marketing skills are pathetic, but I’m trying and one book at a time, your incredible story is reaching out and touching people.  I still think about you daily and miss you dearly my friend.


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