Humbling Praise

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Rocky’s book competed well in book competitions and Judges were kind with comments.  However, their eyes were honed to specific elements and, admittedly due to time limitations, they acknowledged not reading the book in its entirety.

Conversely, I recently went through customer reviews on Amazon and have taken snippets from the people who took the time to read the whole book, cover to cover. Because these sincere comments were crafted by interested readers, they are very meaningful to me.

  • A heartfelt tribute.
  • Thank you Officer Maurer for bringing the dog you loved to vivid life by writing this book.
  • The book had such a large personal impact.
  • A K9 worthy of honor, and a book worthy of praise.
  • This book is in a league of its own.
  • An epic love story that will appeal to the masses.
  • Read it, you will be better for it.
  • This was a hard book to put down.
  • This book was raw and real, funny and heartbreaking.
  • I am better for reading it.
  • It’s a heartwarming read and will touch your heart.
  • A must read.
  • A heartfelt and true story with lots of action.
  • You owe me a box of Kleenex.
  • A must read for all dog lovers or K9 fans.
  • You’ll find yourself shaking your head, raising your eyebrows, pumping your fist and leaking rivers of tears.


Rocky’s story will most likely never be a best seller or get on Oprah’s book club list, but the generous reviews are reassuring that I was able to convey the surreal relationship I shared with Rocky and how magnificent of a police K9 and companion he was in my life.

I stagger in appreciation.  Not only did the readers take the time to run their eyes over all the words I put together, but they also took the time from their busy schedules to sit down and write a review for the book and post it.

Thank you!


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