Invisible Trophies

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Well, with no illusions of grandeur, I entered K9 Rocky: A Cop Without A Badge into several book competitions while hoping for something noteworthy. Feedback from most has been that the book is nice and the story line intriguing, but, thanks for the entry money and please try again.

However, results recently came back from the notable Benjamin Franklin Awards book competition.

Opening the email, I expected another generic “thank you for entering” type of response, but I was greeted with actual judges’ scorecards.  Scorecards within the first attachment evaluated the entire book, from cover design through content, and included comments from the three judges. One judged the book being above average with another judge stating “this is a wonderful story of a dog…it’s touching and informative…” And, the final judge gave it a 10 out of 10 in each area evaluated with comments that included “this is an excellent biography of a K9 star…it’s absorbing, fast-paced, informative and a great story…”  I then noted a comment that the book was labeled a “tie-breaker” and was #4.

Oh so close to a podium finish.

The other attachment from the Benjamin Franklin Awards book competition had scorecards strictly for first time authors.  Scores between these judges were very similar with comments of “Compelling story” and “A heart-felt tale of an unappreciated hero” and “Will capture the hearts of readers…” With high scores from these judges, I wondered, will Rocky’s story win something in this category?

Then I read, “Book ranked at 4.”

Ah, shucks…so close, again.

But, that’s okay.  Having never aspired writing a book, and being nearly allergic to English and literature type of classes growing up, I’m tickled Rocky’s story appears to have grabbed the judges’ attention.  K9 Rocky competed well and a few more people know who and what he was…and that is my ultimate goal.

Sure, winning an award would have been nice, but the scorecards and comments, at least to me, are trophies.


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