The Struggle Is Real

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“Now that you wrote the book, the real work has yet to begin.”

That statement sucker punched me several times during my journey of writing Rocky’s story.  Secretly, I shrugged it off as there was no way it could be true because sculpting his book seemingly was a never ending project.  Yes, it was a labor of pure passion as I had tirelessly slaved over the words, extended so much effort and skipped so many hours of sleep in those 8 years that the logical reward would be a book that would somehow sell itself.  My ignorance caused unforeseen arrogance as I wholeheartedly believed that Rocky’s book was special and it would, against all odds, magically garner attention from some unknown spotlight.  I knew how special he was, and if I came anywhere close in capturing his life with words, destiny would insert itself and somehow broadcast his book to the masses. Being a realist, this dreamy fairy tale vision sounds absolutely absurd, but, it sure would be a classic ending to raise Rocky high on a pedestal where he belongs.

Well, I’m still holding out for that magical moment, and I have robotically fallen in line with all other authors aspiring to share their story. Fingertips have rubbed my temples raw as I swim in quandary of what, or who, to approach for help.  I prefer being self-reliant, but internet marketing is too foreign of a concept so I fell into a somewhat expensive, but potentially promising, marketing thought.

Book contests!

In its infancy, K9 Rocky’s story won a book contest so surely, after all the spit-shine editing, it may win more awards that would bring much needed attention to his book.  Scouring the internet, I found a plethora of contests and researched each one to narrow the list to legitimate contests worthy of entering. I marked the calendar with entry deadlines and one by one, I shipped entry fees with many books while keeping my fingers crossed. Now, I patiently wait for announcements.

Results from the first contest recently arrived and included a generic “thanks for entering but better luck next time” email.  Oh well, I knew the contest had career authors submitting their best material while, in comparison, I’m just a former K9 cop with penmanship that is very blue collar but shares a remarkable story about an incredibly driven and highly talented animal that would have done anything for me.

Results from several other contests are forthcoming and I hope K9 Rocky connects with those judges where he can once again be in the spotlight.

He deserves it.


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