Weeks Away

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“Don’t worry, although I won’t break even, I’ll be good for the loan.”

Such a comment is undoubtedly the absolute wrong statement to make when asking to borrow money from a bank, but I own it. The loan officer skeptically wrinkled her brow and rubbed her chin while evaluating my paperwork.

I stood my ground.  She further thumbed though my application.

I explained how K9 Rocky is a worthwhile book that most likely will lose money, but it will impact people’s lives in other profitable ways. Plus, showcasing such an incredible animal became an absolute matter of principal for me, regardless of the cost. Days later, she called to announce my loan had been approved.

Being very frugal, I questioned my best use of the temporary financial cushion the bank had provided and I forced myself to change my mind set about spending money. Never being a person to spend lavishly or reward myself with any treats, I accepted the responsibility to do my best with Rocky’s book and understood that money needed to be spent. It goes totally against my nature, but I owe it to Rocky.

He deserves the best.

Since then, money has flown in a variety of directions, and the lessons learned thus far have been valuable. I hope my decisions have been wise.

Speaking of money, a penny dropped from my pocket the other day and hid behind various containers filled with nails, screws and assorted hardware. Stretching my arm and busting through cobwebs, I strained to reach the penny that remained just out of reach. Scooting items around in the barn to access the coin, I bumped into something that made me pause.

I had uncovered the blue plastic splint that Rocky wore after being shot in the line of duty. It resembles an over sized soup ladle where his injured paw rested in the spoon portion while his damaged leg was secured along the handle. The black foam rubber padding had crumbled into dust and I stuck my nose into the splint wanting to smell the peculiar odor of a K9’s foot, specifically Rocky’s foot.  But, too much time has elapsed as I only snorted odors from an old dusty barn.

But, chasing that penny provided the stimulus where I, yet again, reminisced about Rocky. Typically, I will always reach down to pick up a penny, but this time I left the coin in its hiding spot and hope it landed heads up for good luck.

There are no illusions of grandeur in writing, promoting or selling Rocky’s book.  It rescued me from a very, very dark and isolated period in my life with the reward being that I hope my words strike readers with eyebrow arching “holy shits” about a remarkable police K9, a stellar pet and a companion beyond belief.

Admittedly, my marketing skills are awful. It is my hope readers are star-struck with K9 Rocky and tell friends about the book, in person and on social media, so others can seek and share a remarkable story about a magnificent creature.

The book‘s release is less than 2 weeks away. I hope all of my decisions do Rocky right.

And, I hope this endeavor makes you proud my friend– I still painfully miss you.


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