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It has been said that falconry is the elite sport of kings where the animal is trained to hunt for the human.  Yarak is a Turkish term used to describe the peak conditioning of the falcon where it is hungry, but not weakened, and impassioned to hunt.  Apparently, this state is rarely achieved and a wonder to behold for any lucky observers.

Well, if such a condition is rare to see in such an obscure passion as falconry, it must be nearly unheard of in the dog world.  Therefore, I am truly a blessed man since I worked a K9 who not only stayed in prime physical condition, but readily entered yarak.  And yet, this animal was civilized enough to consciously shift out of the deadly mind set to revel in the fruits of an uncommon bond with such a common man.

Thank you, Rocky.  You sure were something special and I still, after all these years, painfully miss you!


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